Big Mill TimberJig    $189

Portable wood sawmill
The Big Mill TimberJig hand-held sawmill

The TimberJig is a patented hand-held sawmill of top quality. A versatile friend in your lumber project! Your chainsaw now has ability to accurately turn logs into finished boards and planks. Easy to operate and precise in its cuts, the Big Mill TimberJig gives you the ability to take an entire saw mill anywhere.

Turns raw lumber into finished planks
Complete hand-held sawmill

The Big Mill TimberJig attaches to the same two bolts that hold the chain bar to the saw. No need to drill holes for the mill in the bar! Additionally, in the box with the TimberJig, there are angle brackets and screws to build a straight wooden guide rail. This rail is only used for the first two cuts, to provide a flat surface. From then on, the TimberJig rests on the adjustable guide fence that sets the thickness of the board.

Made from aluminum and steel treated with nitrous oxide, the TimberJig has increased corrosion-resistance and is more durable and resistant to wear and tear.